Focused-Ion-Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM)

The focused-ion-beam scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) lab houses an FEI Helios NanoLab 660. The Helios is equipped with an Elstar electron gun and monochromator, and is capable of electron beam resolution down to 0.6 nm from 15 kV to 2 kV. Its Tomahawk Ga+ ion column can be operated between 65 nA and 500 V for, respectively, removal of large volumes of material and final sample polishing. Under standard operating conditions, an ion beam resolution 2.5 nm at 30 kV is achievable. The Helios is equipped with in situ micromanipulation for creation and transfer of lamellae for TEM analysis. It is also equipped with an EDAX EDS system and electron backscatter diffraction analysis system for compositional and crystallographic analysis in two and three dimensions. Multiple polygons are supported for device patterning as well as the ability to directly import customized shapes for patterning or deposition. The Helios is equipped with C and Pt gas-injection systems. The software is equipped with the AutoTEM function allowing for automated sample preparation as well as Slice & View Function for 3D FIB Tomography. Avizo Software for data analysis is available for users.

In May 2020, the instrument was upgraded with a backscatter detector as well as with the automated mapping software MAPS.